Having the right part for the job is crucial for your business. Choosing the best hydraulic cylinder for your operations is no exception. While many off-the-shelf or ready-to-ship options may come with a lower upfront cost, you ultimately spend more on expensive repairs and managing shutdowns for unexpected maintenance. The solution? Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinders designed to your specifications.

As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, Aggressive Hydraulics specializes in USA-made Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinders. Our custom designs and manufacturing processes allow us to deliver custom hydraulic cylinders that match your market’s conditions. Explore our capabilities and options, and then request a quote to begin a process Purpose-Built™ for your satisfaction.

What Makes a Purpose-Built™ Hydraulic Cylinder Different?

A Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinder is a fully customized design and product that maximizes your equipment’s functionality and productivity. When you choose Purpose-Built™ , you are making a wise investment for your business by meeting the specific demands of your machinery and job site. Because your hydraulic cylinder has been designed and manufactured to meet your needs, you know you are receiving personalized performances that match the rigors of your market. Other Purpose-Built™ advantages include:

  • Reliable, safe operations
  • Minimized downtime for maintenance and repairs
  • Environmentally friendly through reduced waste and improved energy conservation
  • Cost-effective operations over extended lifespans

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Design & Manufacturing Process

Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinders extend beyond custom-made equipment. Aggressive Hydraulics has designed an entire Purpose-Built™ process dedicated to manufacturing hydraulic cylinders that match any specification. We use a combination of proven procedures, facilities, machines, and employees to produce every order.

1. Understanding Your Requirements

Our Purpose-Built™ process begins with our hydraulic cylinder specialists talking with you to fully understand your requirements. We have decades of combined application and fluid power industry experience, and we are at your disposal as we work closely with you to create your best custom hydraulic cylinder.

2. Presenting Detailed Solutions

After documenting your hydraulic cylinder design requirements, we use Purpose-Built™ estimating tools to provide detailed proposals and accurate cost estimates. Our industry-leading quote turnaround times are second to none, and our team ensures that you receive a complete solution that fits your needs.

3. Innovative Engineering Design Services

Our expert engineering department becomes an extension of your business. Trained in the latest CAD tools and using design standards and proprietary calculation tools, we provide intricate designs and models for your approval.

4. World-Class Operations & USA-Based Manufacturing

Our USA facility is Purpose-Built™ for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. All custom manufacturing processes are defined, scheduled, and tracked. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we are invested in continuously improving our technology, equipment, and processes to produce increasingly high-quality hydraulic cylinders.

5. Quality Hydraulic Cylinders with On-Time Deliveries

Equipment shutdowns cost you time, money, and loyalty. That’s why Aggressive Hydraulics is dedicated to quick turnaround times and prompt deliveries. We’ll help you strengthen your supply chain through domestic resiliency, delivering a premier product made in the USA and to your standards.

6. Exceptional Service & Ongoing Support

Aggressive Hydraulics is your trusted partner for flexible, custom hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing services. Our support doesn’t end at final delivery, and we look forward to building a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with all our customers.

High-Quality Custom Hydraulic Cylinders from a Leading Manufacturer

Aggressive Hydraulics utilizes over 20 years of design, engineering, and hydraulic cylinder manufacturing experience to match the needs of the toughest jobs. From aerial applications to undersea rigs and everything in between, we are confident that our high-quality custom hydraulic cylinders will exceed every expectation.

Contact us or request a catalog today to learn more about our complete commitment to quality, hydraulic cylinder designs, or our other services. Request a quote to begin your order.