Applications like civil engineering, military/defense, mining, and offshore drilling require a more rugged and robust cylinder design than typical mobile equipment applications. The big hydraulic cylinders used in these environments must:

  • Handle high working pressures
  • Transmit heavy force
  • Resist caustic and corrosive substances
  • Have a long life cycle

Designing Big Hydraulic Cylinders for Your Application

Aggressive Hydraulics knows how to design custom hydraulic cylinders for big jobs. Experience working with OEMs, integrators, and resellers across all markets helps us develop large hydraulic cylinder designs Purpose-Built™ for your application and operating environment.

When it comes to heavy-duty applications, there is more to consider than cylinder size. Even the sturdiest large hydraulic cylinder can succumb to corrosion caused by chemical exposure and the environment. Using corrosion-resistant alloys or applying protective coating prevents damage and accelerated wear.

Features like end-of-stroke cylinder cushioning, high-temperature seals, pressure boosters, and more are often incorporated into large hydraulic cylinder designs to accommodate specific application requirements.


Designing hydraulic ship cylinders for steering systems and land vehicles requires the highest level of quality and precision. Failure is not an option. Designing large hydraulic cylinders with position-sensing technology and other advanced features improves performance, reliability, and safety in critical applications.

Civil Infrastructure

Dam gate cylinders require high pressure and force to lift, lower, and hold radial gates. A strong cylinder design is critical to prevent gate failure and subsequent flooding.  The constant exposure to moisture can also create challenges unless you use the right materials. Design your large dam gate hydraulic cylinders with corrosion-resistant alloys and add a zinc coating for extra protection.

Crane Equipment

Crane cylinders lift and move thousands of pounds. The large hydraulic cylinders used in cranes and similar mobile equipment need to provide a long life cycle and have features that improve operation and safety. Exposure to rock, concrete, and other heavy materials require a robust exterior and secure mounting to prevent issues like fluid leaks and sideloading.

Marine & Offshore

Big hydraulic boat cylinders are used in several applications, including commercial fishing vessels, cruise ship terminals, boat lifts, marine cranes, and dredging equipment. In addition to high power and strength, these large cylinder designs require seals and bearings with exceptional wear resistance. Using stainless steel and chrome or nickel plating protects cylinders from seawater and other aggressive environmental elements.

Mining Industry

Working hundreds of feet underground requires a special type of cylinder. The big hydraulic cylinders used in mining applications must deliver high power repeatedly and reliably. Safety is also an issue in these environments. Designing your cylinder for ultra-precise positioning is critical for performance but protecting workers in extremely hazardous conditions.


Get Expert Help with Your Big Hydraulic Cylinder Design

Trust the experts with your custom hydraulic cylinder design. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise, combined with advanced technology, helps us deliver robust, Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinders for your large equipment application. Explore our custom solutions for large hydraulic cylinder applications.