A Precise Trade
The forestry trade is a precise one. Forestry and Logging machinery faces rough terrain, extreme environments, and extreme temperatures. The equipment must have reliable hydraulic cylinders.

Below are the types of machinery used in these industries.

Mulchers utilize hydraulic cylinders to adjust a cutting blade(s), that can clear brush and debris from an area.  With the aid of hydraulic cylinders, remaining tree stumps and roots can be unearthed and ground into mulch.  Mulchers are often attached to excavators, skid steer, track loaders, and tractors.

Feller Bunchers
Feller Bunchers gather trees upright during cutting. This motorized vehicle rapidly “bunches” several trees together, before cutting and “felling” them.  The trees are then placed together in a single stack that can be carried with a skidder or a forwarder to the yard for further processing.

Additional Machinery:
• Lifts
• Trucks
• Tractors
• Stationary cutting equipment

These allow for the industry to be more sustainable, reduce waste, and increase safety.


Purpose-Built™ Solutions

Aggressive Hydraulics is proud to create durable hydraulic cylinders used in Forestry and Logging.  If you’d like to extend the life of the machinery your putting into the field, give our engineers a call at 866-406-4100.