Things have come a long way since the early uses of hydraulic cylinders. Today’s cylinders perform better and last longer, all while handling the rigorous demands of heavy-duty applications.  The addition of smart technology has advanced cylinder manufacturing even further, allowing industries like construction, agriculture, and manufacturing to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Smart sensing hydraulic cylinders have internally or externally mounted sensors that “tell” the hydraulic system the cylinder’s exact position. This position sensing technology provides numerous benefits that can bring your equipment to the next level. We’ll cover the advantages below, along with industry-specific ways you can use position sensing hydraulic cylinder technology.

1. Predictability

Smart hydraulic cylinders do whatever you program them to do and communicate their position in real-time so that you can automate and predictively control stroke and other movements of one or multiple cylinders. Even the most experienced equipment operators can’t achieve the predictability associated with electronic position-sensing technology.

2.  Accuracy and Repeatability

Electro-hydraulic cylinder control allows for sequencing that manages which cylinders perform a specific action, and when. Control the location of the smart sensing cylinder down to tight tolerances for repeatable positioning, even in challenging applications. With smart sensing cylinders, any operation—drilling, rigging, cutting, leveling, spraying—is performed with exceptional accuracy.

3. Usability

Finding experienced equipment operators isn’t always easy. And sometimes, the work demands exceed what your current crew can handle. The automation made possible by smart technology allows someone at any skill level to achieve pinpoint accuracy when controlling multiple hydraulic cylinders.

4. Safety

Smart sensing hydraulic cylinders improve not only accuracy and performance but also safety. Automation helps reduce operator fatigue often caused by applications requiring high levels of precision and consistency. The ability to remotely control positioning lets you operate equipment in hazardous areas without creating personal safety risks.

5. Compatibility

The basic specs of an electronic position sensing cylinder are the same as a standard tie rod cylinder; the only difference is the addition of sensors and analog or digital outputs. This means that any piece of equipment that moves hydraulically can use a smart cylinder.

Ways to Use Smart Hydraulic Cylinder Technology

Smart sensing cylinders can be used anywhere from manufacturing equipment to amusement park rides, though agriculture and construction industries can significantly benefit from this technology. Regardless of the application, these hydraulic cylinders provide the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency most of today’s equipment users seek.

Smart Cylinders for Farming and Agriculture

In agriculture, there is constant pressure to produce more and increase efficiency. This is where electronic position-sensing cylinders come in. With smart sensing hydraulic cylinders, you can control height and depth more precisely than with standard cylinders. That means more consistent seed planting and fertilizer spraying, which can help farmers improve crop yields. Installing smart hydraulic cylinders on agriculture equipment also allows for GPS-controlled steering and other automation for improved positioning and precision.

Smart Cylinder Technology for Construction

Electronic position-sensing cylinders can be used anywhere on a construction site. Since they have the same robust design as a standard cylinder, you don’t have to worry about the inability to handle harsh operating conditions. In fact, electro-hydraulic control cylinders can perform even better than the standard cylinder. Here’s why.

In road construction applications, electronic position-sensing cylinders help you maintain consistent ground clearance. That means any action can be performed with ultimate precision, from grinding and leveling pavement to painting traffic lines.

We all know that demolition is brutal, demanding work. It can also be dangerous. Using smart sensing hydraulic cylinders in material handling equipment allows for more precise control, making it easier to hit your mark the first time. Remote operating capabilities also let workers control demo equipment from a safe distance.


Purpose-Built™ Smart Hydraulic Cylinders

Aggressive Hydraulics designs and manufactures high-quality smart sensing cylinders for all applications. We specialize in Purpose-Built™ designs that help your equipment operate longer and more efficiently than off-the-shelf options. All our hydraulic cylinders and component parts are designed and manufactured in our USA-based facility. Our quality extends beyond any single department—it’s a company-wide commitment.

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