Are destructive contaminants hiding in your new hydraulic cylinder?

It has been said that cylinders are the top contributor to hydraulic system contamination. Aggressive Hydraulics has changed that with our Culture of Cleanliness. This culture is the standard which every product is held to. We have implemented a Fluid Cleanliness Program that exceeds top OEM standards. Ordering from Aggressive Hydraulics reduces the risk of hydraulic system contamination stemming from the cylinder.

A Fluid Cleanliness Program That Exceeds Top OEM Standards

Hydraulic Cylinder Fluid Cleanliness Program

Program Overview

  • Fluid meets stringent ISO 4406 cleanliness standard
  • Contamination prevention measures
  • Removal of potential contaminants
  • In-line particle counters – proof oil is clean
  • Fluid cleanliness level documented with every cylinder tested
Particle Counter

Oil Cleanliness

Kidney Loops

  • High-efficiency low micron filter elements
  • Automatically turns on when needed
  • Automatic shutoff when clean
  • Flashing light that indicates filter clog
  • Audible alarm if contamination exceeds acceptable level for testing

Particle Counter

  • Tests recorded every 2 minutes
  • Downloaded weekly and analyzed for improvement
  • Color-coded display based on contamination levels
Removing Contaminants

Quality Control

Removing Contaminants

  • Lint-free rags used throughout facility
  • Documented process steps
  • Operator training, evaluation, and auditing

Weld Contamination Control

  • Magnets and port plugs
  • Air filtration system to remove weld dust

Assembly Cleanliness Focus

  • All parts washed before assembly
  • Contamination control built into our documented manufacturing processes
  • Plastic covers and contamination control
  • Steel port plugs

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