Sometimes projects involve having to reach high places to get things done. And when you’re working high above the ground, you want to be able to trust the equipment that’s keeping you there. Hydraulics allow lifts and aerial devices to safely raise hundreds of pounds.

How are hydraulics keeping things up in the air? Here are some common ways hydraulics are at work in aerial equipment.

Scissor Lift
One of the most popular uses of hydraulics in lifts is the scissor lift. You’ll see scissor lifts in factories, on construction sites, or even in some home repairs. The scissors lift has an accordion-style mechanism to lift people, equipment, or even automobiles several stories high. The power of hydraulics makes this possible.

Car Lift
For mechanics working under a car, trust in your car lift is incredibly important. A faulty lift creates a huge safety hazard. Hydraulic power enables a car lift to elevate thousands of pounds easily. Car lifts come in all sizes, from those that lift passenger vehicles to those that lift large work vehicles, and they all use hydraulics.



Cherry Pickers
For those working on utility lines or high lighting, lots of time is spent in a cherry picker. Of course, safety is a prime concern, as is a smooth raise and lower action. Hydraulic power not only allows this raising and lowering to happen, it allows for a controlled motion.

Another unique use of hydraulics to lift is in dumbwaiters. Dumbwaiters are used to transport food, cutlery, and raw materials in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and even in some homes. Hydraulics allow these transport devices to operate smoothly and efficiently.


When you’re putting your trust in hydraulic aerial equipment, you want to know it’s the very best. Our custom hydraulic cylinders are designed for your specific equipment and specific task, so can rest easy know your lift is operating safely and efficiently. Contact us with your questions.