In the world of construction, there may be no tougher equipment than that which handles demolition. Lots of power is needed to tear down structures, and hydraulics help these machines quickly and easily demolish and remove debris. Here are some ways we see hydraulics at work in demolition:

Shears and Cutting Tools
It takes a lot of power to cut through steel and other metals. Hydraulic power allows industrial sheers to handle steel, rebar, cable, and other materials with no problem. You have quicker demolition and easier disposal.

How do grapples lift and move heavy scrap? Hydraulic power. Hydraulics make it possible for grapples to pick up scrap metal and other heavy materials and move them from point A to point B. Grapples powered by hydraulics can lift thousands of pounds with ease, streamlining your scrap removal process.

Scrap Magnets
Scrap magnets are another tool for moving heavy scrap metal, and many are powered by hydraulic generators. Magnets are useful for sorting scrap and relocating large amounts of metal. Combining the power of magnets with the power of hydraulics allows metal scrap and debris to be handled efficiently.

Articulated Trucks
Once you’re done demolishing, you need to remove that scrap and debris. Articulating trucks, dump trucks, and other machinery lift and haul away from your construction site so you can move forward with your project.


Failure of your hydraulic cylinders can set your projects back for weeks, potentially costing you money and business. That’s why it’s so important to have the very best cylinders for your equipment. Our purpose build cylinders are designed for your specific machinery and industry, so you can count on the very best performance. Contact us to get started, or call 866.406.4100 for more information.