Offshore drilling is a tough business which requires a large amount of power to drill into the earth’s surface and extract valuable oil and other resources. Equipment, such as hydraulic cylinders, used in drilling and rig applications must withstand the elements and deliver consistent results.

Challenges in Offshore Oil Drilling

Offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms can be placed in a variety of environments, but they are commonly established in the ocean on the continental shelf. Wellbores are drilled underneath the seabed to find and extract petroleum oil and natural gas. The hydraulic cylinders and other oil drilling equipment installed on these platforms must withstand the corrosive conditions and elemental exposure in isolated job sites.

Salt & Other Corrosive Materials

Offshore drilling rigs and oil drilling platforms must contend with the presence of salt and other highly corrosive minerals. Any machinery installed on these rigs must be built to last and contain metals resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel, chrome plating, nickel plating, or any combination of these materials. Failure to account for corrosion will lead to rust, increased wear, and costly shutdowns.

Remote Locations

As most oil drilling rigs are located offshore and in remote locations, it’s essential to have equipment that won’t break down easily, as repairs can be more complicated on-site than in other industries. Whether your hydraulic cylinder is used in control equipment, deck superstructures, barges, loading systems, drilling machinery, or something else, you need dependable machinery that performs as designed in extreme environments, including cold arctic waters.

Fierce Winds & Deep Water

Due to their exposed location, oil rigs and offshore drilling platforms must contend with intense winds, large waves, and some of the deepest water on earth. Your hydraulic cylinders must have the power to dig deep, the strength to lift heavy loads, and the durability to withstand severe conditions on offshore rigs or oil platforms.

Purpose-Built™ Hydraulic Cylinders for the Offshore & Oil Drilling Industries

A demanding industry like oil drilling or maintaining offshore rigs and platforms requires an uncompromising product. At Aggressive Hydraulics, we design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders that are Purpose-Built™ for their intended function. That means the custom hydraulic cylinders we build for offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms are robust, durable, efficient, and able to withstand the elements:

Built from start to finish in our USA facility, our hydraulic cylinders for offshore drilling are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, built to last during heavy-duty and extended operations, and can survive consistent exposure at rugged job sites.


Get Started with USA-Made Custom Hydraulic Cylinders for Oil Rig Platforms

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