Offshore drilling is a tough business. It requires a large amount of power to drill into the earth’s surface and extract valuable resources. Sturdy equipment used in drilling needs to withstand the elements and deliver consistent results. The success of offshore drilling relies on strong hydraulic cylinders that can deliver both power and performance.

In offshore drilling, wellbores are drilled underneath the seabed. The goal is to find and extract the petroleum and natural gas resources that so many of us rely on for daily life. Offshore drilling takes place in a variety of environments, but happens most commonly in the ocean on the continental shelf.

A strong hydraulic cylinder is needed to help do the heavy work of offshore drilling, but power is not all that’s needed. Cylinders used on offshore platforms must also be corrosion-resistant, because they spend most of their life near and even in mineral filled saltwater. The hydraulic cylinder must also be able to perform in the extremes of Earth’s environments, including cold arctic waters. Offshore drilling requires a hydraulic cylinder that has the power to dig deep, and the strength to lift heavy loads on the platforms in these extreme remote locations.

A tough industry like oil drilling requires a tough product. At Aggressive Hydraulics, our Purpose Built cylinders are designed specifically for the function they will perform. That means the hydraulic cylinder we create for offshore platforms, or for any other industry or application, will need to be powerful, durable, efficient, and able to withstand the elements. You can rest easy while our cylinders do the hard work your equipment demands.

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