Aggressive Hydraulics is committed to producing high-quality custom hydraulic cylinders.

Aggressive’s “Purpose-Built Process” ensures the production of quality products through the combination of proven processes, facilities, machines, and employees.

1. Understanding Your Requirements

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Specialists
  • Application and Fluid Power Industry experience
  • Asking the right questions

2. Presenting Detailed Solutions

  • Expedient industry-leading quote turnaround
  • Custom-built estimating tools
  • Documenting your requirements
  • Providing detailed proposals and accurate cost estimates

3. Innovative Engineering

  • Purpose-Built extends beyond custom built
  • Our team of engineers is an extension of your business
  • Industry-leading turnaround on intricate designs & models
  • Trained in the latest CAD tools
  • Design standards & proprietary calculation tools

4. World-Class Operations and Manufacturing

  • Purpose-Built Facility
  • Custom and proprietary ERP System
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Manufacturing processes that are defined, scheduled and tracked
  • Continuous investment in upgraded technology & equipment

5. Quality Products Delivered On-Time

  • Industry-leading turnaround
  • High level of on-time delivery
  • Premier value product made in the USA

6. Exceptional Service and Support

  • Trusted Partner
  • Flexible
  • Responsive

Purpose-Built Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Process

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Purpose Built Catalog

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