Aggressive Hydraulics starts with the end in mind. Other manufacturers are selling from a catalog, building generic cylinders forced to fit into an application. Aggressive Hydraulics however, starts with a different approach, Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinders to the customer’s specific needs. Engineers at Aggressive Hydraulics start every project with a clean piece of paper, and address the customer’s concept from the beginning.

One of the founding principals at Aggressive Hydraulics is customer service. There’s a need in the fluid power industry for a greater level of customer service; in rapid response and shorter build times. Aggressive Hydraulics’ expertise is Purpose-Built™ small quantity runs, that are priced competitively. The secret to this success are the members of the Aggressive Hydraulics team. New Aggressive Hydraulics team members are given the right tools to become industry experts. Using software, and sharing knowledge they work together provide customers with the best solutions possible.

How does the Aggressive Hydraulics team do this in today’s global infrastructure? By keeping the supply chain as short as possible, and doing it right the first time. Aggressive Hydraulics sources all materials and components in the United States. A domestic supply chain ensures reliable components are used, and product integrity is maintained. Having products made entirely in the USA has also become a point of pride not just for Aggressive Hydraulics, but for their customers, knowing they support the American economy, and sustain jobs in the American workforce.

The technology that goes into an Aggressive Hydraulics cylinder is all encompassing. Purpose-Built™ design starts with 2D and 3D engineering software. The manufacturing process utilizes a custom ERP solution, built in-house, specifically for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing to sequence the operations precisely. Manufacturing itself is with a CAM system, along with four-axis machining centers. For special solutions, manual equipment is powered by trained professionals to ensure accuracy. 20% of the hydraulic cylinders coming out of the plant at Aggressive Hydraulics even have the capability for electronic feedback.

It’s important at Aggressive Hydraulics to be responsible in all they do and provide a positive affirmation to customers. While utilizing traditional advertising methods, the team at Aggressive Hydraulics is always seeking new networking opportunities. Being involved in sponsorships such as motorsports and hockey allows Aggressive Hydraulics to learn about other technologies, getting to know people and businesses outside their core markets. There’s a synergy between these sponsorships and business, they both define success by performance.


Paul Johnson, President of Aggressive Hydraulics sums it up best, “It’s important we get it right the first time, from design, to reviews during, and after the sale, we are constantly refining requirements for the customer, if there’s a problem we take care of it.” People, customer service, and technology are the driving force to provide solutions for your business. If you have a question about using a Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinder in your application, give the Aggressive team a call at 866-406-4100. Engineers are always excited to develop the right solution for your project.