When it comes to hydraulics, fluid conditioning is one of the most important aspects. Fluid conditioning is the process of keeping your hydraulic fluid clean and free from contamination. If you don’t maintain your hydraulic fluid, your hydraulic system is destined to fail.

How Does Fluid Get Contaminated?

Contamination occurs when particles of metal, sand, or plastic are present in the hydraulic fluid. These little pieces generally won’t cause breakage or wear on your hydraulic cylinder, but they will definitely lead to problems. These particles can cause blockage in the hydraulic system, which can slow the efficiency of your cylinder or stop its function altogether.

For this reason, a filtration system is extremely important. Whether the contamination comes from within the system or from an outside element, good filtration can protect your parts from fluid contamination and keep things working smoothly.

Aggressive Hydraulics understands the importance of hydraulic fluid conditioning and preventing fluid contamination. Our custom hydraulic cylinders are designed to perform at the highest level in every area, including hydraulic fluid conditioning.

We also offer hydraulic cylinder repair, so if you’re dealing with fluid contamination or other functional issues, we can help. This can be a cost-effective solution when you’re dealing with cylinder failure, and we use Finite Element Analysis technology in our repairs, so your cylinder will be as good or better than before.

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