The Future of Clean Energy
There are some exciting new opportunities in the future of clean energy with hydraulic cylinders in the center of it. Wind, solar, and wave power sources are truly on the cutting edge of some of the most impressive energy technologies. The role hydraulic cylinders play in the new energy sector is evolving every day, and Aggressive Hydraulics has cooperatively worked on developing and supplying hydraulic cylinders for this market.

Wind Power
Wind power is fairly inexpensive compared to solar and wave power generators and offers easiest access to the existing power grids. Hydraulic cylinders are used to keep the blades of the wind turbines angled in the best position to maximize the energy created from the wind. The key is to do this while keeping the turbine turning at a constant, steady speed. This requires constant adjustment to the angle of the blades. Advanced hydraulic technology allows these wind turbines to operate at peak effectiveness, continuously.

Solar power hydraulic cylinders

Solar Power
Solar power is another new energy option. Hydraulic cylinders are being used to position fields of large mirrors so they best reflect the sun’s rays onto a center tower. As the concentrated light heats water inside the tower, the steam generated turns a turbine that generates electricity. These large fields situated between Las Vegas and Los Angeles provide power to the South West power grid of the US. As the sun is constantly moving, so too are the mirrors, to ensure the sunlight continues to focus on the center tower throughout the changes in the day.

Wave power hydraulic cylinders

Wave Power
Wave power is another cutting-edge energy source. Wave power is when energy is harnessed from the motion and movement of the ocean swells and waves. There are several components to wave power generators; terminator devices, point absorbers, and attenuators, all utilizing hydraulic cylinders to capture wave activity and convert it to electricity. As tides and wave heights and power change throughout the day, so does the optimum positioning of the components that capture the energy the oceans produce. Height, of the equipment in the water, scope and duration of the power generated, along with being able to turn off and protect the equipment in adverse conditions, are all controlled by hydraulic cylinders that must be able to withstand the power of the sea.

Exciting Times in Energy Technology
All of these alternative, clean energy sources point to an exciting time in energy technology, and those in the hydraulic industry that are looking for new ways to control and monitor the settings on these revolutionary power plants. As these power sources develop over the coming years, hydraulic power will evolve with it. Do you have interest in clean energy and how hydraulic cylinders help control it?

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