In the competitive landscape of hydraulic manufacturing, Aggressive Hydraulics stands out by implementing strategic measures to reduce lead times while maintaining high-quality standards. This business-oriented focus highlights our company’s commitment to efficiency, customer satisfaction, and American-made excellence. Here’s how we at Aggressive Hydraulics achieve this through our operations.

Domestically Sourced Materials

Aggressive Hydraulics prioritizes using domestically sourced materials, ensuring a reliable and swift supply chain that mitigates the risks associated with international procurement. This approach supports the U.S. economy and reduces the time delays linked to overseas shipping and customs, enabling faster production cycles.

Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

Our company leverages state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and automation technology within the facility. This investment in technology streamlines production, enhances precision, and reduces the time from order to delivery. Automation increases operational hours and reduces the potential for human error, contributing significantly to reduced lead times.

Qualified In-House Engineering and Experienced Sales Team

Our experienced sales team and skilled in-house engineers are crucial to our day-to-day operation. The sales team ensures a clear understanding of customer requirements and bridges communication to the engineers. Our engineers design and optimize products for strength, durability, and efficient manufacturing. This collaborative approach speeds up the production process and ensures that customer specifications are met accurately and efficiently.

Streamlined Processes

Aggressive Hydraulics has refined its operational processes to eliminate unnecessary steps and optimize every production phase, from design to assembly. We use a proprietary ERP system that allows us to track all stages of production as your cylinder moves through design, manufacturing, and final delivery. This system ensures projects remain on schedule, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing lead times.

World-Class Facility and Systems

Our company operates from our ever-improving world-class facility that supports rapid and flexible production capabilities. This infrastructure, coupled with advanced project management and production systems, allows us to quickly adapt to changing demands and maintain short lead times.


At Aggressive Hydraulics, quality isn’t just a department—it’s a company-wide commitment.

Aggressive Hydraulics’ approach to reducing lead times is comprehensive, focusing on domestic sourcing, advanced manufacturing, skilled personnel, and efficient processes. This strategy not only supports quick turnaround times but also upholds the quality and reliability of their hydraulic solutions. For businesses seeking hydraulic products, Aggressive Hydraulics offers a dependable, efficient, and high-quality option, underscored by its commitment to American manufacturing excellence.