Ryan Newman’s 12th Annual Fundraiser and Auction benefiting the Rescue Ranch, took place on December 9th in Statesville NC. The event raised much needed funding and awareness to the mission of the Rescue Ranch. The Newman’s Rescue Ranch specializes in programs that educate children about responsible care of animals. This year’s event raised enough money to implement a new special needs playground facility on the property! It was a huge success!

Ryan Newman is a 15-year veteran and 17-time winner of NASCAR’s Premier Sprint Cup Series. While most four-year-old boys rode big wheels for fun, Ryan climbed behind the wheel of a quarter midget race car and never looked back. Since 2014, Ryan’s been racing the RCR #31 Chevrolet SS. Ryan’s as active off the track as he is on, and can be found tinkering with vintage cars, working his farm, and enjoying the outdoors. That’s where he shares a passion for animals with his wife Krissie. When Ryan’s not racing the #31 car around the track, he can often be found working on the 170 acres of the Rescue Ranch.

Krissie Newman is the real driving force behind the Rescue Ranch. Krissie puts as much work into her hobby as someone would a full-time job. It was in 2004 when Krissie was watching Ryan race that a girl handed her a letter. Inside, it wasn’t the usual request for her husband’s autograph, but a request for help in her community to find homes for stray animals without euthanizing them. The note said the girl was caring for 15 dogs and couldn’t afford to do so. Krissie went to the family’s house armed with dog food and treats. Together they found homes for 11 of the 15 dogs and had them neutered or spayed. This experience impacted Krissie, she knew there were situations like this all over the country. The couple started the Ryan Newman Foundation, which later became the Rescue Ranch.

Since the Rescue Ranch opened, the Newmans have acquired animals by the dozen. Goats, rabbits, birds, exotic reptiles, pigs, horses, turtles, and cows now call Rescue Ranch home. The growing facilities have been designed to allow for future expansion; memorial gardens, adoption center, veterinary clinic, and a playground area. The focus, however, is education on responsible animal care, and that’s what sets the Newman’s Rescue Ranch apart.

The Rescue Ranch benefits the children who come to visit. From pre-school and up, children learn about compassion for animals and responsible pet ownership.  They also learn where the animals come from and how they survive in the wild, but more importantly, they learn why it’s important that we be the voice for the animals. The programs cater to school field trips, scouting organizations, camps and even birthday parties. It’s an amazing opportunity for kids to have hands on experience and learn. The Rescue Ranch is also one of the few facilities that is 100% special needs friendly. Special needs children can experience the Rescue Ranch alongside kids their age.


Aggressive Hydraulics® is proud to be a sponsor of Ryan Newman Racing, and such a great cause as the Rescue Ranch. Aggressive’s partnership with the Newman family is hands down a perfect fit, helping animals, the community, and children learn responsible pet ownership. The Rescue Ranch is always looking for help, but if you need help with your Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinder needs, contact one of our Hydraulic Cylinder Specialists® at (866) 406-4100.