Carter Chevalier: Winning On and Off the Track


As far as professional drivers go, Carter Chevalier is a world class name to keep an eye on. At just fifteen years old, this tenth grader doesn’t even have a driver’s license yet, but is racing around the track at speeds up to 75MPH. His success, humbleness and professionalism got the attention of Aggressive Hydraulics who now sponsors Carter, and Chevalier Racing.

Sprint cars are high powered race cars designed primarily for the purpose of running on short oval or circular dirt and paved tracks. Sprint cars have very high power to weight ratios and are broken down into several classes based on engine size. Carter is currently racing the 125cc and 500cc class of Winged Outlaw Karts, which are small scale versions of Sprint cars. Top level Sprint car racing can see over 900 horsepower and speeds as high as 160mph. Outlaw Karts and Sprint cars have produced some of the top Indy Car Series and NASCAR drivers.

Carter’s not in it alone though, his grandfather, and dad helped him get into racing when he was 8 years old. He’s spent long hours at the track learning the basics of not only driving, and racing, but maintaining the cars, and how to run a successful team. Carter has an ambition to learn, and the hard work is paying off. Not only does he learn from other drivers, all of his racing is filmed. He watches the video to identify opportunities to improve, getting better and refining his racing passion. This helps him get more comfortable in the car and has been a big focus this year. This recipe for success paid off this season, seeing top five finishes and even some big wins!

Recently Carter won at the Indy Outlaw Karts race at Mid America Speedway in Indianapolis. It was his first jumbo check, and a proud moment racing against some big names and experienced drivers in the sport. Carter admitted he was surprised a little bit by the win. He worked to defend his lead against strong challenges after multiple restarts through the finish. No doubt, this victory helps him towards his ambition to race 410 sprint cars in the World of Outlaws series.

Carter admits, “Life on the road is awesome!” A big part of the excitement comes from not only racing sprint cars, but also from meeting new people everywhere he goes. When he’s not racing, he’s hitting the books, where he needs to maintain a “B” average to keep racing. In the off season, a lot of his time is spent supporting his brother’s hockey games as well. Carter Chevalier is an example drivers, and athletes older, with more experience could learn from. He pointed out, “He wouldn’t be able to do it without his sponsors.” Aggressive Hydraulics is proud to sponsor Carter, and Chevalier Racing, as he makes his mark in sprint car racing, and starts what looks to be a very successful career.