One of the harsh realities of industries that rely on machinery is that sometimes equipment breaks. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help prevent hydraulic cylinder failure. Here are some things we recommend watching for so you can extend the life of your cylinders.

Rod Quality
Bent rods shift the load placed on the rod seal, and can ultimately lead to cylinder failure. Rods can fail either because they are the wrong diameter, or because the material they are constructed from is not strong enough to perform the task.

Proper Rod Finish
Another part of the rod that needs your attention is the finish. Too smooth of a finish can wear out the seal due to lack of lubrication. Too rough of a finish can lead to leakage past the seal.

A Quality Cylinder Tube
Ballooned tubes are another issue that we often see with hydraulic cylinders. If the wall of the cylinder is not thick enough, or if the material used is not strong enough to handle the cylinder’s pressure. Ballooning can be a big problem because when a cylinder balloons, fluid can bypass the seal, causing all sorts of issues.

Purpose Built Cylinders
We think the easiest way to guarantee a high quality cylinder is to choose one that is purpose built for your machinery and industry. A purpose built cylinder means you won’t have to worry if the right materials, dimensions, or finish were used. You’ll know you have exactly the right cylinder for the job.

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