Hydraulic cylinders depend on pressure to function. However, when hydraulic cylinders are damaged, improperly maintained, misused, or not designed to correct specifications, too much pressure can build within the cylinder and lead to catastrophic shutdowns.

Consequences of Pressure Intensification

Failure to control or prevent excessive pressure can lead to an extensive number of problems within hydraulic cylinders, including pressure intensification. Pressure intensification occurs when pressure within the cylinder is unbalanced, specifically when pressure is applied to a hydraulic cylinder’s bore end while the port end is blocked. It can lead to critical shutdowns and system failures. Signs and consequences that pressure intensification or over-pressurization have occurred within your cylinder include:

  • Cylinder sleeve bulging or bursting
  • Bent rods or damaged pistons
  • Broken stop rings and caps
  • Extruded or blown-out seals
  • Stripped out threads
  • Stretched or broken bolts in bolted cylinders

Controlling Pressure Through Custom Cylinder Designs

Pressure prevention in hydraulic cylinders begins as early as the design and engineering stage of your manufacturing process. By partnering with an experienced cylinder manufacturer, you can ensure that you receive high-quality hydraulic cylinders that are built to last and withstand high-pressure operations.

Heavy-Duty Component Parts & Constructions

If your job or equipment requires high pressure levels or extreme work demands, a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder or high-pressure cylinder may be your best choice. These hydraulic cylinders are intentionally built to withstand harsh environments and tough jobs. If you aren’t sure which configuration is best for your machinery, contact Aggressive Hydraulics today. We’ll help you navigate your options to find the right cylinder for your requirements.

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure relief valves are designed to maintain pressure balance within your hydraulic cylinder. The valve is set to a specific pressure level. When the level is reached, the relief valve feeds the excess flow back to the tank. They are typically a normally closed pressure control valve, though other options are available to fit your exact specifications.

Double-Wall Multi-Stage Hydraulic Cylinders

Double-wall multi-stage hydraulic cylinders are a custom-built enhanced option for double-acting telescopic cylinders. The intermediary stage involves two concentric tubes with a flow path between them, minimizing opportunities for over-pressurization. Other advantages include:

  • Holds position with positive piston seal when resisting upward digging forces
  • Operates without stalling or opportunities for pressure intensification
  • Simplified plumbing with both ports on the barrel
  • Straightforward operations at low flow

Hydraulic Cylinders Purpose-Built™ to Withstand High-Pressure Jobs

Preventing and controlling hydraulic cylinder pressure is a critical step in any market. Aggressive Hydraulics is here to help. We are an American-owned and operated hydraulic cylinder manufacturer. Our engineers work closely with you to ensure all your requirements are met, including options to minimize pressure. Each of our cylinders is Purpose-Built™ for your job and uses only the best component parts, accessories, and materials available.

Request a quote today to learn more about how our USA-made hydraulic cylinders can help prevent pressure issues in your equipment. A highly trained engineering representative will be in touch as soon as possible.