Most Popular Blogs in 2016

Want to catch the latest and most popular blogs from the first quarter of 2016? Aggressive Hydraulics’ blog readers visited and spent the most time on these three blog posts published so far this year: … Read More

How to Avoid Dieseling | Aggressive Hydraulics

How to Avoid Dieseling in Hydraulic Cylinders

Dieseling or often called the dieseling effect in hydraulic cylinders refers to when hydraulic cylinder oil mixes with air and explodes when pressurized. This type of combustion has two primary causes: Negative pressure builds on … Read More

The Basics of Hydraulic Cylinder Calculations

Ever wonder what goes into determining specifications for a hydraulic cylinder? This YouTube video by Aaron Schellenberg provides clear explanations as well as detailed illustrations to describe the complex process of hydraulic cylinder calculations. With … Read More

Hydraulic Cylinder Sizing Considerations

You may have learned the hard way that using the wrong hydraulic cylinder bore rod and stroke can be very expensive. Companies often find themselves in hot water when cutting corners and cost by selecting … Read More

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