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AGGRESSIVE HYDRAULICS: The Face of Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

January 12, 2021 Publications

Industry-leading quality and product design integrity. At Aggressive Hydraulics we understand that your lead time requirements can be short, and expectations will be high.  Culture is deeply rooted in teamwork from all departments, cohesively working together to become an extension of your business. You will always high level of responsive service; before, during, and after …

Hydraulic Cylinder Cushions Can Prevent Mechanical Shock

November 10, 2020 Publications

By Tony Casassa, Application Engineer, Aggressive Hydraulics Every day, hydraulic cylinders work to push, pull, tilt, raise, and hold loads on diverse equipment. Often the operator is responsible for gradually stopping the cylinder in a controlled manner. However, in some applications, the cylinder may fully extend or retract and reach the end of the mechanical …

Hydraulic Cylinders: A Brief History

July 12, 2016 Publications

Harnessing the power of fluid in motion is nothing new. It’s been a powerful source of energy for thousands of years, right up to the present day, and an integral part in the advancement of mankind. Originally water was used to turn wheels and push levers, this has evolved in the last century, to what …